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The future of residential home security and home management is NOW!

You can now control the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry. 2GIG introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system:
Color touch-screen interface
Intuitive, user-friendly interface is found on the Go!Control panel, your computer (internet) and web-enabled phone – providing your customers with access when and where they need it.
GSM (cellular) radio
The most reliable communication option available in the industry. No more concern with cut phone lines or the elimination of residential phone lines altogether.
Integrated two-way voice
Go!Control allows the central station to listen in and talk to the homeowner when a signal is received.
Built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol
Customers can now control lighting, HVAC, and other Z-Wave appliances in the home right from the panel, web-enabled phone, or the internet. No need for extra hardware—it’s all contained within the Go!Control panel. And this is just the beginning! Numerous money- and time-saving applications are currently being developed for 2GIG's Go!Control system.

Remote Access

  • Check current system and sensor status.
  • Arm and disarm the system from anywhere.
  • View recent systems and sensor activity.
  • Customize notification settings and add or delete recipients from your online address book.
  • Receive alerts for alarms, power outages/restorals, and other important system events.
  • Create customized sensor notifications based on the specific non-alarm activity and threats you want to monitor at your property.
  • Find out when the system was armed or disarmed, and by which user.
  • Receive an arming reminder alert if the system hasn’t been armed by the usual time.

Features List

The latest and most adavanced security solution in the industry.

Offer your customers the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry. 2GIG introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system:

  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Fully Self Contained
  • Snap-in GSM Radio
  • Remotely Control Panel Settings
  • Two-way Voice Over Cellular
  • Over-the-air Update Functionality
  • Built-in Z-Wave Home Control
  • Customer Messaging Capable
  • 48 Wireless Zones
  • 2 Hardwire Zones
  • Weather Information Display
  • 24-hour Backup Battery
  • 32 User Codes
  • Quick Arm/Exit

100% Watchdog Guarantee

We won’t rest until you’re secure and satisfied.

We Won’t Rest Until You’re Secure & Satisfied

According to an FBI study, not only does a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the US, but homes without proper security systems are 2-3 times more likely to be broken into. Don’t gamble with the safety of your home. Turn to the Michigan home alarm system experts at Watchdog Security for a full-service solution that will keep your home – and your loved ones – safe and secure.
As a leading supplier of Michigan home security systems, with the highest possible BBB rating of A+ and UL approved monitoring, Watchdog Security takes pride in providing customized alarm system solutions that meet the unique, individual needs of our clients. Our home alarm systems are never packaged. One of our expert technicians will take the time to understand your specific security needs, and build your system from scratch to provide your family with the peace of mind it deserves. We offer an extensive range of cutting edge detection and alarm products to effectively protect any residence, large or small.
Watchdog Security has been providing quality home alarm systems to Michigan residents for over ten years now. Our industry-leading, courteous, and qualified staff will work with you to ensure that your home security system exceeds your expectations, and your home is properly protected and monitored at all times.